Subsection Member List - 39 Match(es)

Full Name Organization Title Paid Through Type
Baker, Lee Village of Ruidoso  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Borrego, Briana City of Las Cruces  Airport Operations Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Boyd, Brian Albuquerque International Sunport  Deputy Director-Operations  6/30/2024 Active
Cannon, Lynn City of Grants  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Castellano-Gonzalez, Joshua City of Albuquerque  Fiscal Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Griego, Jennifer City of Roswell  Air Center Director  6/30/2024 Active
Hamblen, Robert City of Gallup  Public Works Director  6/30/2024 Active
Hicks, Gordon City of Socorro  Mayor Pro Tem  6/30/2024 Active
Hudson, Robert City of Moriarty  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Hume, Andrew City of Las Cruces  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Johnson, Kristie City of Gallup  Airport Grants & Contract Project Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Lanfor , Jenna City of Roswell  Deputy Director  6/30/2024 Active
Leach, Chet Town of Estancia  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Lewis, Michael City of Farmington  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Lucero, Jane NMDOT Aviation Division  Airport Development Administrator  6/30/2024 Active
McCurley, Richard Albuquerque International Sunport  Director  6/30/2024 Active
Needham, Corey Lea County  Public Works Dir\Airport Sup.  6/30/2024 Active
Orr, Troy City of Alamogordo  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Pickens, Cari City of Carlsbad  Airport Manager   6/30/2024 Active
Provance, William Dona Ana County  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Rumpf, Richard Village of Magdalena  Mayor/Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Salas, Martha City of Lordsburg  Finance Officer  6/30/2024 Active
Thompson, John City of Belen  Airport Manager  6/30/2024 Active
Kasuboski, Joe Village of Ruidoso  Fire Chief  6/30/2024 Alternate
Kerns, Dami Ana City of Belen Regional Airport   Airport Line Service Tech.  6/30/2024 Alternate
Clark, Steve Highway Supply, LLC  Vice President  6/30/2024 Associate
Fitzpatrick, William NMDOT Aviation Division  Aviation Safety & Education Admin.  6/30/2024 Associate
Harris, Mark NMDOT Aviation Division  Aircraft Registrar  6/30/2024 Associate
Leslie, Aaron City of Gallup  Street Supervisor  6/30/2024 Associate
Moran, Daniel NMDOT Aviation Division  Aviation Division Manager  6/30/2024 Associate
Woods, Joyce NM Pilots Association    6/30/2024 Associate
Archibeque, Tim Armstrong Consultants, Inc.  Aviation Services Director  6/30/2024 Corporate
Chavez, Cynthia Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.  Project Assistant  6/30/2024 Corporate
Freier, Kent Molzen Corbin  Vice President/Civil Engineer  6/30/2024 Corporate
Hicks, Debra Pettigrew & Associates  President & CEO  6/30/2024 Corporate
Murphree, Leo Electrical & Construction Specialists, Inc.  President  6/30/2024 Corporate
Quick, Matt Coffman Associates  President  6/30/2024 Corporate
Slade, Dumas Bohannan Huston, Inc.  Aviation Manager  6/30/2024 Corporate
Hisenberg, Anita Santa Fe, NM  NMML Retiree  6/30/2099 Honorary